Throughout the years and for almost 3 decades, our SOFA Speakers have come to you at your Employment, Place of Worship, Union or Organization, sharing with you SOFA’s Mission: “Ending Financial Illiteracy Across America, One Community at a Time” As always our dedicated Members continue sharing with you their Knowledge and Experience from their specific Financial Profession. With our ever-changing times and evolving growth of our Organization, The Society for Financial Awareness is now inviting you to join our classes on an Online Portal called SOFA University. SOFA U is a Free Online Educational Experience. Our classes are mostly virtual-during Covid. They are open to the Public and are Free of Charge. Our Faculty of Adjunct Instructors are now donating their time to provide you with various classes on Financial Wellness, that can be viewed at your own pace and on your own time. Our #1 Priority is to share this needed Knowledge, for you, and the people you associate with, providing the opportunity and the necessary “Shared Wisdom”, allowing all involved to Learn, Grow and Prosper with these Financial Courses. Our Workshops not only are Educational and Inspiring, but the availability of our Instructors is a very special feature that SOFA U provides all of its Attendees. How to get started? 1. Enroll as a Student 2. Select your Course(s) 3. Enjoy-Learn-Process! SOFA U...TOGETHER, WHERE DESTINY IS CREATED.